Monday, August 24, 2009

Final Game Presentation Videos

Whew! It's been a busy 3 weeks for FIEA between the celebration of 2 more amazing games to add to our repertoire, SIGGRAPH, and then our well-deserved 2-week semester break.

The final presentations went extremely well - The Bridge was packed well beyond capacity (don't tell the fire marshal!) with every chair filled and the stairs crowded with standing guests. Members of the media, distinguished representatives from local game companies, and friends and family of FIEA were all there to witness the first full presentation of Drifters and Sultans of Scratch.

Drifters began the event with a display of their "Devices of Death" museum exhibits on the front stage. Team lead Steve Durst kicked things off with the opening cinematic and then launched into an explanation of the game and an overview of their game's life, from the original pitched concept to surviving the cut and all the way through production. After the crowd was well acquainted with the world of Drifters, the three monitors on the stage flickered to life as a 4-way match went live on the big screen. After two rounds, Steve paused to allow the credits to roll and began the question and answer portion. A standing ovation closed out the presentation and Sultans of Scratch began to set the stage for their turn.

After a brief intermission, the neon lights and hip-hop sounds of the Sultans opening cinematic brought the crowd into the world of the DJ dance battle game. The team came out in a flash of blue lights sporting custom basketball jerseys with the SoS logo on the front and their team nickname on the back. Team lead Tom Galdi took the stage to present the life and times of the Sultans of Scratch game, touching on the original switch of IPs from Resonance to SoS, surviving the cut, and their glory of being the first DJ game completed before "DJ Hero" or "Scratch: The Ultimate DJ" could hit the retail shelves. Once the crowd was pumped, the dance pads and turntables were broken out and the dance-off began! When the teams were thoroughly tired out, Tom let them take a break for the question and answer session. Another standing ovation for the SoS team and then closing remarks by FIEA faculty ended the Cohort 5 presentations with a final round of applause for all the amazing work.

If these words weren't enough, check out the videos!

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -

Sultans of Scratch:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fluid Simulation for Video Games, part 2: Fluid Simulation Techniques

The second in a series of articles I wrote for Intel:

...and related videos:

Atomic vortex ring
Cannonball through smoke
Dragons, bunnies and magic

Make sure to watch them in HD!

The third article will include the source code for a complete real-time fluid simulation with two-way fluid-body interaction.

Future articles will refine and speed up that simulation.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teaser Trailers!

In less than 6 hours the Final Presentations will take place. Can't wait? Can't make it? Whet your appetite for Drifters and Sultans of Scratch with these shiny game trailers!